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If you or a loved one received Avastin® Eye Injections and experienced silicon floaters or particles in the eye, then you could be entitled to financial compensation.

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Avastin Eye Injection Information

Avastin eye injection treatment is an in-office procedure for macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and retinal vein occlusion.

In many cases the unintentional introduction of silicone contamination with Avastin eye injections has occurred because the prefilled syringes that compounding pharmacies use for this purpose are coated in several places with silicone oil. These syringes are not FDA approved for use in eye injections.

It is critical that eye injections be administered without foreign particles, such as silicone oil, also getting into the eye. The presence of silicone in the eye can create further vision problems for patients whose eyesight has already been compromised.

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Complications of Avastin Eye Injection

Avastin is injected directly into a patient’s eye using syringes lubricated with silicone oil which can potentially leak.

Complications associated with Avastin Eye Syringe Injections include Impaired Vision, Long Term Vision Interference, Sensitivity to Sunlight and Night Vision, and may require additional surgery.

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